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1 63

Design of high avidity and low affinity antibodies for in situ control of antibody drug conjugate targeting

R. Evans, G.M. Thurber

Scientific Reports 2022 pub63-e1659462956180-150x150.png
2 62

Predictive Simulations in Preclinical Oncology to Guide the Translation of Biologics

S. Dong, I. Nessler, A. Kopp, B. Rubahamya, G.M. Thurber

Frontiers in Pharmacology 2022 pub62-e1659463161657-150x150.png
3 61

Cellular-Resolution Imaging of Bystander Payload Tissue Penetration from Antibody-Drug Conjugates 

Khera, E., S. Dong, H. Huang, L. de Bever, F.L. van Delft, G.M. Thurber

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2021 Cellular-150x150.jpeg
4 60

Simulating the Selection of Resistant Cells with Bystander Killing and Antibody Coadministration in Heterogenous HER2 Positive Tumors

Menezes, B., J.L. Linderman, G.M. Thurber

Drug Metabolism and Disposition 2021 Drug-metabolism-e1659463267986-150x150.png
5 59

Key Metrics to expanding the pipeline of successful antibody-drug conjugates

Nessler, I., B. Menezes, G.M. Thurber

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (TIPS) 2021 Key-metrics-150x150.png
6 58

Reply: From mice to men: the exocrine pancreas does not matter for human GLP-1 receptor imaging

G.M. Thurber

Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) 2021
7 57

Quantifying ADC bystander payload penetration with cellular resolution using pharmacodynamic mapping

Khera, E., C. Cilliers, M.D. Smith, M.L. Gana, K.C. Lai, T.A. Keating, A. Kopp, I. Nessler, A.O. Abu-Yousif, G.M. Thurber

Neoplasia 2021 ADC-bystander-payload-57-150x150.png
8 56

Antibody Co-Administration Can Improve Systemic and Local Distribution of Antibody Drug Conjugates to Increase In Vivo Efficacy

Ponte, J., L. Lanieri, E. Khera, R. Laleau, O. Ab, C. Espelin, N. Kohli, B. Matin, Y. Setiady, M.L. Miller, T.A. Keating, R. Chari, J. Pinkas, R. Gregory, G.M. Thurber

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics (MCT) 2020 Antibody-co-administration-150x150.png
9 55

Co-administered Antibody Improves Penetration of Antibody-Dye Conjugate into Human Cancers with Implications for Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Lu, G., N. Nishio, N. van den Berg, B. Martin, S. Fakurnejad, S. van Keulen, A. Dimitrios Colevas, G.M. Thurber, and E. Rosenthal

Nature Communications 2020 Antibody-dye-conjugate-150x150.png
35 54

Optoacoustic imaging of GLP-1 Receptor with near-infared exendin-4 analog

Robers, S., E. Khera, C. Choi, T. Navaratna, J. Grimm, G.M. Thurber, and T. Reiner

Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) 2020 GLP-1-receptor-opto-acoustic-image-150x150.png
36 53

Practical Guide for Quantification of In Vivo Degradation Rates for Therapeutic Proteins with Single-Cell Resolution Using Fluorescence Ratio Imaging

Nessler, I., C. Cilliers, and G.M. Thurber

Pharmaceutics 2020 Invivo-degradation-rates-graphic-150x150.png
37 52

Increased Tumor Penetration of Single-Domain Antibody Drug Conjugates Improves In Vivo Efficacy in Prostate Cancer Models

Nessler, I., E. Khera, S. Vance, A. Kopp, Q. Qiu, T.A. Keating, A. O. Abu Yousif. T. Sandal, J. Legg, L. Thompson, N. Goodwin, and G.M. Thurber

Cancer Research 2020 Increased-tumor-penetration-150x150.jpg
38 51

Directed Evolution Using Stabilized Bacterial Peptide Display

Navaratna, T., L. Atangcho, M. Mahajan, V. Subramanian, M. Case, A. Min, D. Tresnak, and G.M. Thurber

Journal of American Chemical Society 2019 Directed-Evolution-150x150.jpeg
39 50

Severing Ties: Quantifying the Payload Release from Antibody Drug Conjugates

Kopp, A. and G.M. Thurber

Cell Chemical Biology 2019 ADC-binding-to-antigen-150x150.jpg
41 48

An Agent-Based Systems Pharmacology Model of the Antibody Drug Conjugate Kadcyla to Predict Efficacy of Different Dosing Regimens

Menezes, B.*, C. Cilliers*, T. Wessler, G.M. Thurber, and J. Linderman

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 2019 Kadcyla-150x150.png
42 49

Pharmacokinetic Considerations to Maximize an ADCs Therapeutic Index

Thurber, G.M.

Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2019 Mouse-xenograft-150x150.png
43 47

Antibody Coadministration as a Strategy to Overcome Binding-Site Barrier for ADCs: A Quantitative Investigation

Singh, A., L. Guo, A. Verma, G.Wong, G.M. Thurber, and D. Shah

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 2019 Overcome-binding-site-barrier-47-150x150.png
44 46

Blocking Glucagon Like Peptide-1 Receptors in the Exocrine Pancreas Improves Specificity for Beta Cells in a Mouse Model of Type 1 Diabetes

Khera, E., L. Zhang, S. Roberts, I. Nessler, D. Sandoval, T. Reiner, and G.M. Thurber.

Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) 2019 Blocking-Glucagon-like-receptors-46-150x150.gif
45 45

Designing a disease screening pill: Challenges and opportunities in self-administration of optical probes

 Thurber, G.M. and R. Evans

SPIE 2019
46 44

Oral and Subcutaneous Administration of a Near-Infared Fluorescent Imaging Agent Detects Inflammation in a Mouse Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Bhatnagar, S.*, E. Khera*, J. Liao, V. Eniola, Y. Hu, D.E. Smith, and  G.M. Thurber

Scientific Reports 2019 Oral-vs.-subcutaneous-44-150x150.png
48 43

Hitting undruggable targets: viewing stabilized peptide development through the lens of quantitative systems pharmacology

Atangcho, L., T. Navaratna, and G.M. Thurber

Trends in Biochemical Sciences 2019 Stabilized-peptide-150x150.jpg
49 42

Pharmacokinetic and immunological considerations for expanding the therapeutic window of next-generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Khera, E., and G.M. Thurber

Biodrugs 2018
50 41

Tumor drug penetration measurements could be the neglected piece of the personalized cancer treatment puzzle

Bartelink, I., E. Jones, S. Shahidi-Latham, E. P. Rong, Y. Zheng, P. Vicini, L. vant Veer, D. Wolf, A. Iagaru, D. Kroetz, B. Prideaux, C. Cilliers, G. Thurber, Z. Wimana, and G. Gebhart

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2018
51 40

"Standing by" for bystander effects: dual isotope imaging of Antibody-Drug Conjugates and payload distribution

Cilliers, C., and G.M. Thurber

Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) 2018
52 39

Quantitative pharmacology in antibody-drug conjugate development: armed antibodies or targeted small molecules?

Nessler, I., E. Khera,and G.M. Thurber

Oncoscience 2018
53 38

Oral administration and detection of a near-infrared molecular imaging agent in an orthotopic mouse model for breast cancer screening

Bhatnagar, S., K. Dhingra Verma, Y. Hu, E. Khera, A. Priluck, D. Smith, and G.M. Thurber

Molecular Pharmaceutics 2018
54 37

Improved tumor penetration and single-cell targeting of antibody-drug conjugates increases anticancer efficacy and host survival

Cilliers, C., B. Menezes, I. Nessler, J. Linderman, and G.M. Thurber

Cancer Research 2018
55 36

Computational transport analysis of antibody-drug conjugate bystander effects and payload tumoral distribution: implications for therapy

Khera*, E., C. Cilliers*, S. Bhatnagar, and G.M Thurber

Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 2018
56 35

Ocular toxicity profile of ST-162 and ST-168 as novel bifunctional MEK/PI3K inhibitors

Smith, A., M. Pawar, M.E. Van Dort, S. Galbán, A.R. Welton, G.M. Thurber, B.D. Ross, and C.G. Besirli

Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2018
57 34

Structure-guided design and initial studies of a bifunctional MEK/PI3K inhibitor (ST-168)

Van Dort, M.E., S. Galbán, C.A. Nino, H. Hong, A.A. Apfelbaum, G.D. Luker, G.M. Thurber, L. Atangcho, C.G. Besirli, and B.D. Ross

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2018
58 33

Tracking antibody distribution with near infrared fluorescent dyes: impact of dye structure and degree of labeling on plasma clearance

Cilliers, C., I. Nessler, N. Christodolu, and G.M. Thurber

Molecular Pharmaceutics 2017
59 32

Imaging in Diabetes

Zhang, L., and G.M. Thurber

Imaging and Metabolism 2018
60 31

A helix-stabilizing linker improves subcutaneous bioavailability of a helical peptide independent of inker lipophilicity

Zhang, L., T. Navaratna, and G.M. Thurber

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2016
61 30

Multiscale modeling of antibody-drug conjugates: connecting tissue and cellular distribution to whole animal pharmacokinetics and potential implications for efficacy

Cilliers, C., H. Guo, J. Liao, N. Christodolu, and G.M. Thurber.

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 2016
62 29

Mechanistic and quantitative insight into cell surface targeted molecular imaging agent design

Zhang, L.*, S. Bhatnagar*, E. Deschenes, and G.M. Thurber

Scientific Reports 2016
63 28

Quantitative Impact of Plasma Clearance and Down-regulation on GLP-1 Receptor Molecular Imaging

Zhang, L. and G.M. Thurber

Molecular Imaging and Biology 2016
64 27

Tumor Effect-Site Pharmacokinetics: Mechanisms and impact on efficacy

G.M. Thurber

ADME and Translational PK/PD of Therapeutic Proteins: Applications in Drug Discovery and Development 2015
65 26

Advances in measuring single-cell pharmacokinetics and pharmacology in vivo

Vinegoni, C., J.M. Dubach, G.M. Thurber, M.A. Miller, R. Mazitschek, and R. Weissleder

Drug Discovery Today 2015
66 25

Residualization rates of near infrared dyes for the rational design of molecular imaging agents

Cilliers, C., J. Liao, L. Atangcho, and G.M. Thurber

Molecular Imaging and Biology 2015
67 24

A dual-purpose linker for alpha helix stabilization and imaging agent conjugation to glucagon-like Peptide-1 receptor ligands

Zhang, L., T. Navaratna, J. Liao, and G.M. Thurber

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2015
68 23

Population dynamics of islet-infiltrating cells in autoimmune diabetes

Magnuson, A.M, G.M. Thurber, R.H Kohler, R. Weissleder, D. Mathis, and C. Benoist

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2015
69 22

A systems pharmacology approach towards the design of inhaled formulations of rifampicin and isoniazid for treatment of tuberculosis

Cilfone, N., E. Pienaar, G.M. Thurber, D. Kirschner, and J. Linderman

CPT Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology 2015
70 21

Multichannel imaging to quantify four classes of pharmacokinetic distribution in tumors

Bhatnagar, S., E. Deschenes, J. Liao, C. Cilliers, and G.M. Thurber

Pharmaceutical Sciences 2014
71 20

Effect of small molecule modification on single cell pharmacokinetics of PARP inhibitors

Thurber, G.M., T. Reiner, K.S. Yang, R.H. Kohler, and R. Weissleder

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics (MCT) 2014
72 19

Single-cell and subcellular pharmacokinetic imaging allows insight into drug action in vivo

Thurber, G.M., K.S. Yang, T. Reiner, R.H. Kohler, P. Sorger, T. Mitchison, and R. Weissleder

Nature Communications 2013
73 18

A mechanistic compartmental model for antibody uptake in tumors

Thurber, G.M. and K.D. Wittrup

Theoretical Biology 2012
74 17

Noise suppressed, multifocus image fusion for enhanced intraoperative navigation

Feruglio, P.F., C. Vinegoni, L. Fexon, G.M. Thurber, A. Sbarbati, R. Weissleder

Biophotonics 2012
75 16

Efficient 18F-Labeling of Synthetic Exendin-4 Analogues for Imaging Beta Cells

Keliher, E.J., T. Reiner, G.M. Thurber, R. Upadhyay, R. Weissleder

Chemistry Open 2012
76 15

Reactive Polymer Enables Efficient In Vivo Bioorthogonal Chemistry

Devaraj NK*, G.M. Thurber*, E.J. Keliher, B. Marinelli, R. Weissleder

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2012
77 14

Practical Theroretic Guidance for the Design of Tumor Targeting Agents

Wittrup K.D., G.M. Thurber, M.M. Schmidt, J.J. Rhoden

Methods in Enzymology 2012
78 13

A Systems Approach for Tumor Pharmacokinetics

Thurber, G.M.*, R. Weissleder*

PLoS ONE 2011
79 12

Accurate Measurement of Beta Cell Mass Using a Second-Generation Fluorescent Exendin-4 Analog

Reiner T., G.M. Thurber, J. Gaglia, et al.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2011
80 11

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy, Chapter 12

Thurber G.M.

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy, Chapter 12 2011
81 10

Quantitaing Antibody Uptake In Vivo: Conditional Dependence on Antigen Expression Levels

Thurber, G.M. and R. Weissleder

Molecular Imaging and Biology 2011
82 9

Detection Limits of Intraoperative Near Infared Imaging for Tumor Resection

Thurber, G.M., J.L. Figueiredo, R. Weissleder

Surgical Oncology 2010
83 8

Multicolor Fluorescent Intravital Live Microscopy (FILM) for Surgical Tumor Resection in a Mouse Xenograft Model

Thurber, G.M., J.L. Figueiredo and R. Weissleder

PLoS ONE 2009
84 7

Hybrid in vivo FMT-CT imaging of protease activity in atherosclerosis with customized nanosensors

Nahrendorf, M., P. Waterman, G.M. Thurber, K. Groves, M. Rajopadhye, P. Panizzi, B Marinelli, E. Aikawa, M.J. Pittet, F.K. Swirski, and R. Weissleder

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 2009
85 6

18F Labeled Nanoparticles for in vivo PET-CT Imaging

Devaraj, N.K., E.J. Keliher, G.M. Thurber, M. Nahrendorf, and R. Weissleder

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2009
86 5

Kinetics of Anti-Carcinoembryonic Antigen Antibody Internalization: Effects of Affinity, Bivalency, and Stability

Schmidt, M.M., G.M. Thurber, and K.D. Wittrup

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy 2008
87 4

Antibody tumor penetration: transport opposed by systemic and antigen-mediated clearance

Thurber, G.M., M.M. Schmidt, and K.D. Wittrup

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2008
88 3

Quantitative Spatiotemporal Analysis of Antibody Fragment Diffusion and Endocytic Consumption in Tumor Spheroids

Thurber, G.M. and K.D. Wittrup

Cancer Research 2008
89 2

Factors Determining Antibody Distribution in Tumors

Thurber, G.M., M.M. Schmidt, and K.D. Wittrup

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2008
90 1

Theoretic Criteria for Antibody Penetration into Solid Tumors and Micrometastases

Thurber, G.M., S.C. Zajic, and K.D. Wittrup

Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) 2007
91 64

Cellular-Resolution Imaging of Bystander Payload Tissue Penetration from Antibody-Drug Conjugates 

E. KheraS. DongH. Huang, L. de Bever, F. van Delft, G. Thurber

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2022 m_310fig1-150x150.jpeg
92 65

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of TAK-164 Antibody Drug Conjugate Coadministered with Unconjugated Antibody

B. Menezes, E. Khera, M. Calopiz, M. Smith, M. Ganno, C. Cilliers, A. Abu-Yousif, J. Linderman, G. Thurber

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 2022
93 66

Antibody Drug Conjugate Sacituzumab Govitecan Drives Efficient Tissue Penetration and Rapid Intracellular Drug Release

A. Kopp, S. Hofsess, T. M. Cardillo, S. V. Govindan, J. Donnell, G. Thurber

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2022 pub66-150x150.jpg
95 67

Rapid Evaluation of Staple Placement in Stabilized ⍺ Helices Using Bacterial Surface Display

M. Case, T. Navaratna, J. Vinh. G. M. Thurber

ACS Chemical Biology 2023 Screen-Shot-2023-04-18-at-2.31.07-PM-150x150.png
96 69

Mechanistically weighted metric to predict in vivo antibody-receptor occupancy: An Analytical approach

E. Khera, J. Kim, A. Stein, M. Ratanapanichkich, G. M. Thurber

Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (JPET) 2023 Screenshot-2023-11-13-at-4.12.30-PM-150x150.png
97 70

Improving Intracellular Delivery of an Antibody-Drug Conjugate Targeting Carcinoembryonic Antigen Increases Efficacy at Clinically Relevant Doses In Vivo

I. NesslerB. RubahamyaA. Kopp, S. Hofsess, T. M. Cardillo, N. Sathyanarayan, J. Donnell, S. V. Govindan, G. M. Thurber

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2023 Screenshot-2023-11-13-at-4.02.43-PM-150x150.png
98 68

Generation of DAR1 Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Ultrapotent Payloads Using Tailored GlycoConnect Technology

L. de Bever, S. Popal, J. van Schaik, B. Rubahamya, F. van Delft, G. M. Thurber, S. van Berkel

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2023 images_large_bc2c00611_0011-150x150.jpeg
99 71

Impact of tissue penetration and albumin binding on design of T cell targeted bispecific agents

A. Kopp, J. Kwon, C. Johnston, S. Vance, J. Legg, L. Galson-Holt, G. M. Thurber

Neoplasia (in press) 2023 Screenshot-2024-01-10-at-10.24.51-AM-150x150.png
100 72

Machine learning to predict continuous protein properties from binary cell sorting data and map unseen sequence space

M. Case, M. Smith, J. Vinh, G. M. Thurber

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 2024 pnas.2311726121fig01-150x150.jpg
101 73

Optimizing solid tumor treatment with antibody-drug conjugates using agent-based modeling: considering the role of a carrier dose and payload class

M. Calopiz, J. L. Linderman, G. M. Thurber

Pharmaceutical Research 2024 Slide1-150x150.jpeg