A graphical user interface for antibody-drug conjugate simulations. For this model, users with MATLAB installed are able to run the executable file directly. Otherwise, the MATLAB Runtime for R2023a is needed, which can be downloaded and installed from this link on the MathWorks website.

Cilliers et al ADC model

from: Cilliers, C., H. Guo, J. Liao, N. Christodolu, and G. M. Thurber. Multiscale Modeling of Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Connecting Tissue and Cellular Distribution to Whole Animal Pharmacokinetics and Potential Implications for Efficacy. AAPS Journal. 2016; 18(5): 1117-30.

GUI screenshot

from: Bhatnagar, S., E. Deschenes, J. Liao, C. Cilliers, and G.M. ThurberMultichannel imaging to quantify four classes of pharmacokinetic distribution in tumors. J Pharm Sci. 2014; 103(10): 3276-86.

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